Go Beyond!

19 - Season 2, Episode 10+11

Give a warm welcome to special guest Kevin from Zenkai Boost! He came to help us unpack one of the more thematically dense episodes of My Hero Academia, Shoto Todoroki: Origin.

CW this episode for discussions of emotional/physical abuse, as well as bad stuff happening to hands, if that's a thing for you.

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18 - Season 2, episodes 8 and 9

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The Boy Born With Everything

15 - MHA episode 18

We're back with the THRILLING conclusion of the Cavalry battle! Tenya shows us his stuff! Todoroki reveals his hidden talent! Monoma gets his shit ruined! Deku cries! It's a hell of an episode. Our logo was illustrated by Emilee Linders (one of...

14 - MHA episode 17 and More OCs

It's time for the second event of the UA High sports festival - the this-is-apparently-a-thing Cavalry Battle! Who will be Izuku's teammates? Who's coming out on top? What's class 1-B up to? This episode was pretty chaotic, so strap in! Our logo...

13 - MHA Episode 16 and Future Speculation

Well, folks, here it is - the last PLUS ULTRA of 2017. Join us as we recap the ending of the first event of Deku's first UA Sports Festival - the Obstacle Race. Herein we meet someone new, and our boy D gets his moment in the sun. BTW: There's a...

12 - MHA Episode 15 and Holiday Gift Exchange

Things are really getting into high gear on My Hero Academia - The UA Sports Festival is officially underway in this episode, and the first event is the Obstacle Race! After wrapping up the events of this episode, we go on a nice Christmas kick....

11 - MHA Episode 14 and non-anime animes

WE'RE BACK! Thanks for sticking around through our absence last week, holidays and all that. I'm glad to bring you an episode that marks the beginning of My Hero Academia season 2, where things get started FOR REAL. In this one, we learn about the...